Jumbo is teaming up with bio-fuel company GoodFuels to test the use of its sustainable marine oil on an offshore decommissioning project.

The bio-fuel oil will be supplied by GoodFuels’ logistics partner Varo Energy and delivered to Jumbo’s offshore vessel Fairplayer ahead of its departure to the North Sea.

Developed by GoodFuels, the bio-fuel oil is derived from forest residues and waste oil products. It is expected to deliver 80-90 percent reductions in well-to-propeller CO2 emissions, when compared to fossil fuel equivalents.

It produces no sulphur oxide emissions and does not require any engine modifications, said Jumbo.

Wout Janssens, director operations and engineering at Jumbo, added: “By testing the bio-fuel oil, we are taking a major step towards a sustainably powered fleet.”