December 2 - Hamburg-based Krandienst Schulz has invested in its first crawler crane: a Liebherr LR 1600/2 equipped with the new SL13 boom system.

Krandienst Schulz owners Günter Sichward and Michael Schmidt-Pöpping explained that the reason for the investment was the SL13's ability to erect the latest generation of wind turbines with hub heights of over 150 m, adding that the company's telescopic cranes were no longer suitable for this job.

While the SL13 makes it possible to erect very long boom systems with a fixed jib, in its short version the main mast can also be used as a heavy load boom for particularly weighty units, such as in offshore handling, and bridge refurbishment.

The new LR 1600/2 has already erected some 2.5 MW turbines, weighing 63 tonnes, to a hub height of 138 m at a wind farm in the Swabian Alps.