September 22 - Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency GmbH, together with its general sales agent (GSA) Platinum Air Cargo in Houston, has organised the emergency transport via a charter aircraft of six tonnes of specialised well fire fighting equipment from Hous

In an emergency with an oil well on fire, action was taken immediately and only hours after receiving the go-ahead from the Saudi customer, an Antonov 12 was positioned in Houston and departed for Dammam.

After a first stop in Bangor it flew on to Keflavik on Iceland, where another Antonov 12 was already coordinated and standing by to take over the shipment. With an hour for the aircraft change to avoid a crew rest in Keflavik, the cargo was on its way to the next stop in Brest in Belarus. After a short stop to refuel the Antonov departed for its last leg to Dammam where it arrived safely.

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