September 15 - MeteoGroup, the weather forecasting business, has in partnership with ABB agreed on a contract with Maersk Line to equip 140 container vessels with SPOS Seakeeping.

The company says that taking advanced approach to forecasting a vessel's motion will help optimise routes and ensure safety.

Combined with ABB's Octopus motion-forecasting product, the Seakeeping module will allow Captains to avoid routes where a ship's motion thresholds are likely to be exceeded.

The combined service allows for more advanced and accurate route planning and an early response to adverse conditions when they are forecast.

The collaboration will include advanced 3D modelling to calculate motions indicating a vessel's likely response to weather conditions.

MeteoGroup's business unit director, marine, Mark White said: "Maersk is a long time user of MeteoGroup's SPOS (Ship Performance Optimisation System) and we are delighted that it has chosen to work with us and ABB in implementing SPOS Seakeeping across their vessels."