May 28 - Dutch maritime technology company Micanti has closed an investment round with independent investment company Pindustry to finance the global roll-out of its proprietary antifouling technology, Thorn-D.

Unlike existing antifouling systems, Micanti explained that Thorn-D antifouling is not a paint but a self-adhesive foil that is applied to the hull of a vessel, forming a physical barrier against marine growth.

As fouling is prevented, ships can sail more economically since there is no increase in fuel consumption, said the company. The lifespan of Thorn-D, which works when the ship sails and when it is moored, is at least 5 years, claims Micanti.

Currently Micanti is active in the offshore sector in the Netherlands and the Middle East, with a client base consisting of companies such as Damen Shipyards, Fugro, Vroon, Halul Offshore and Dockwise.

The company says that it now wishes to expand towards Asia and America, where it has received attention from shipowners. Micanti also plans to pursue market opportunities in other shipping sectors, such as cargo.

Eric Pieters, commercial director and co-owner of Micanti, explained that Thorn-D has been commercially available for vessels worldwide since 2012 and has seen an increasing demand, but the investment of Pindustry enables the company to seize these opportunities with the benefit of financial resources and strategic management support.

Watch an animation of Thorn-D antifouling below:



Thorn-D after six years, according to Micanti.