May 19 - Move One has been appointed lead logistics provider for the repair of Iraq's Mosul Dam.

Move One explained that due to heightened security and restricted access to the dam, many contractors and transport companies have faced challenges in approaching the dam. However, Move One has obtained the necessary permits and security escorts required to execute daily deliveries to the job sites.

In addition to handling project logistics for the repair work, Move One's relocation and mobility division will oversee all visa, immigration and household goods transit services for the engineers, contractors and employees involved in the project.

"These are the type of project conditions that Move One thrives on," said the company ceo Curt Clements. "Short lead times, turbulent and often unpredictable local conditions with a great deal of oversized and very expensive equipment and machinery coming from multiple vendors from various parts of the world is the type of project that we are experts at handling."

The 113 m high dam, which holds over 11 billion cu m of water from Iraq's Tigris River, has been eroding for a while and experts have warned that it could fail at any time. The collapse of the dam is expected to put at least 1.5 million lives in danger.