September 10 - A new Board of Directors has been established for SMIT, in connection with with the recent SMIT-Boskalis merger, consisting of four members and replacing the Management Board as well as the Stratcom.

Frank Verhoeven will be the chairman of the Board of Directors. Verhoeven joined Boskalis in 1976 and is at present also member of the Boskalis Group Board of directors.

Loek Kullberg will be managing director Harbour Towage & Terminals. He joined SMIT in September 2004.

Gerard Keser becomes managing director Salvage, Transport & Heavy Lift. Keser joined SMIT in May 2002 and was recently appointed Director Transport & Heavy Lift.

Harry Hillhorst has joined the Board as director Finance. He joined SMIT in September 2001 and has held various finance positions within the company.

With the establishment of this new board of directors, Ben Vree will step down as SMIT CEO and will hand over all managerial and operational tasks to the newly formed Board of Directors, Vree will continue to be involved with the Boskalis-SMIT integration process until the end of the year. He will furthermore focus on the relationships with joint venture partners and the handover of his tasks and current projects.