September 14 - Following the development of a 4,500 dwt vessel last year, C-Job Naval Architects has been contracted by the Switijnk family to design an 8,000 dwt Flettner Freighter, dubbed FF8000.

C-Job designed the original 4,500 dwt ship - FF4500 - in 2015 as part of the EU's SAIL project, which aimed to develop sustainable transnational sailing solutions using less, or even no fossil fuels.

Although the new design will be based on the FF4500, the 131 m long FF8000 cargo ship will include a number of modifications, said C-Job. Unlike the FF4500, alternative fuel options are being examined for the new cargo ship. 

Stefan Switijnk, managing director of Ameland Shipping, commented: "Although still fossil fuel-based, LNG could be a link in the current energy transition to more sustainable energy sources. We are also considering other alternatives such as biofuels."

Finnish maritime technology provider Norsepower, which markets its own rotor sail solution, will also be involved in the initial stages of the freighter design, added C-Job.

Switijnk is currently focusing its attention on finding partners to develop and finance the ship. The family's company, Ameland Shipping, currently has two other ships in service. HLPFI believes these vessels to currently be under charter to Wagenborg Shipping.

HLPFI reported on C-Job's FF4500 freighter in the November/December 2015 issue of the magazine. See the article on p.157 of the Yudu link.


The new Flettner Freighter will be based on the FF4500 ship (above).