February 23 - Almost two decades after a Danish haulier commissioned German manufacturer Goldhofer's first tower adapter for the transportation of tower segments, the two companies have again worked to produce another first for the heavy cargo transport s

Danish haulier of wind power plants, Torben Rafn & Co A/S, has worked with Goldhofer to develop an existing vehicle system that company managers predict "will cause a sensation in the market".

With a vehicle combination designed for 100 tonne payloads, tower segments and turbines/nacelles can be transported with nine to eleven axles, depending on national regulations, a "freely rotating" dolly with two, three or four axles, a type RA3 tower adapter as well as a trailer with seven axles. This equipment system is currently in use in Denmark.

If the spacers are exchanged, the RA 3 tower adapter can even be used for different vehicle combinations and different swing radii. By raising and lowering the adapter, the haulier can drive over obstacles and under barriers.

"This system once again represents a great coup. When transporting nacelles it is now possible to slew the cargo freely between the bogies. Roundabouts and bends no longer present a problem when transporting tower segments and nacelles" said Stefan Fuchs, Goldhofer CEO. 

Managers at Torben have dubbed the new acquisition "futtog", a Danish expression for an articulated (road) train that can negotiate even the tightest of corners.