January 14 - NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers (NBPC) has decided to use the Port of Rotterdam as its 'port of call' for loading and unloading breakbulk cargo on its Europe-Far East service.

While NYK already uses the Port of Rotterdam for its bulk cargo loading and unloading, the Japanese shipping line has now decided to also use Rotterdam for its breakbulk cargo operations - instead of the Port of Antwerp, which the company had used up till now.

"It's a fine feather in the cap of our breakbulk proposition," said Robert Jan Timmers of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. He added that the port benefits from its hinterland connections and accessibility, as well as its economical advantages over other gateways.

"Besides already calling on Rotterdam for the unloading of our bulk cargo, we now plan to also unload our breakbulk in Rotterdam - for the simple reason that it raises the efficiency of our calls," commented NBPC general manager Seiji Ando.

"In addition, we will be coordinating the export of both freight flows from Rotterdam. This way we can avoid having to call on a second port."