ScanNautic has delivered a solid operating result in its first year of operations. It has also established a technical solutions subsidiary targeting the marine project and heavy lifting industry.

From left to right: Jan B. Knudsen, Soren Parder, and Claus Parder.

In 2012 Søren Parder sold his company, Lifting Denmark, to Sweden’s Scan Unit. In April 2019, Søren and Lone Parder reacquired the company and returned the rebranded business, ScanNautic, to profitability.

"The first year has been very satisfactory. Our customers have been loyal which has resulted in a stable turnover. A negative result in Scan Unit has turned to positive result in ScanNautic, which shows that our strategy – running a profitable business that provides good service and quality to our customers – has been right,” said Søren Parder.

Furthermore, Claus Parder has acquired a 25 percent stake in the business.

"It's really an exciting journey… I will gradually become more involved in the major decisions and through meetings with customers, colleagues and business partners. I look forward to many good years in the company with a focus on creating value for our customers and, of course, our own company," said Claus Parder.

With first-year results exceeding expectations, ScanNautic has founded ScanNautic Engineering & Project. The subsidiary will deliver technical solutions for the project and heavy lifting sector.

Jan B. Knudsen has been brought in to lead the new unit. He has longstanding experience in the heavy lift and project industry – in 2007 he became technical director at Scan Trans/Intermarine; in 2019 he was named vice president of engineering services at Zeamarine.

Zeamarine’s former head of project engineering, Kirill Plotnikov, has also joined the company.

This summer ScanNautic and ScanNautic Engineering & Project will be ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified. The owners said this is an important quality stamp for transparency, efficiency, and quality.