April 24 - Tuscor Lloyds has transported a seven-tonne wheeled loader from the UK to Korsakov in Russia as out-of-gauge cargo, using a 40 ft flat rack container.

Tuscor Lloyds picked up the cargo from the manufacturer's premises and loaded and secured the wheeled loader to the flat rack container using heavy-duty ratchet straps and wooden chocks, before transporting the load by road to the port of Felixstowe.

The out-of-gauge shipment was then loaded onto a container vessel, which ensured reliable schedules for departure and arrival, as well as reduced costs when compared with conventional shipping methods, explained Tuscor Lloyds.

Once the cargo had arrived at the port of Korsakov, it was discharged from the vessel using onsite cranes and checked for any damage that could have occurred during ocean transportation, before being delivered to the client on time and within a tight budget.

The wheel loader was required for a mining project in Korsakov on the island of Sakhalin Oblast, which is off the far eastern coast of Russia - a location that can be difficult, expensive and timely to reach, said Tuscor Lloyds.