The Rhenus Group will acquire 100 percent of the shares of the operating companies in Auckland-headquartered Malcom Total Logistics Group.

Malcolm Total Logistics Group has four sites across the greater Auckland area, including a 4,200 sq m 3PL logistics warehouse located next to Auckland International Airport. The company has been operating in the logistics and Customs business for 35 years.

Tobias Bartz, a member of the Rhenus Group management board, said: “We have significantly expanded our presence in the Asia-Pacific region during the last few years by means of setting up a large number of new business sites and expanding our business – and we have created fresh capacity.

“We see potential in New Zealand too. International logistics plays a special role here because of the geographical location so that it can reach customers’ target markets. The upgrading of infrastructure, the increasing demand for exports of agricultural products and the dynamic technology sector also promise further growth.”