February 2 - Rigmarine has said that it sees potential in the mining and power industries in Kazakhstan, and is looking to meet the increasing demand from this sector via its Aktau, Kazakhstan facility.

According to Rigmarine, the economic climate in Kazakhstan lends itself to diversification and with the mining and power industries demanding heavy lifting equipment, the company believes it could expand its customer base through the recruitment of more sales representatives.

Neil Brodie, general manager at Rigmarine Kazakhstan, said: "While globally there are positive signs for the [oil and gas] sector, the Kashagan field has experienced problems and I don't anticipate Phase II of the drilling project to commence for a number of years. Mines and power stations however are showing signs of greater potential and there are opportunities to leverage our heavy lift expertise and product supply capabilities."

He continued: "We are actively contacting professionals in the country's mines and power stations to update procurement contacts and arrange further meetings to discuss potential cooperations."

As well as Rigmarine's Aktau facility, it has stations in Baku, Azerbaijan; Sharjah, UAE; and Aberdeen, Scotland, which it claims are all strategically positioned to serve offshore oil and gas, renewables, construction, breakbulk, shipping and marine industries.