February 15 - In 2010, the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg group of companies transferred over RUB1.1 billion (USD0.03 billion) for the implementation of port infrastructure development programmes.

The cost of reconstruction of storage capacities and the planned renovation of the quays for the stevedoring companies in the group amounted to over RUB24 million (USD0.819 billion) in 2010. The modernisation of the Second Stevedoring Company's open storage grounds for general cargoes is going.

About 210 mln. rubles in 2010 were transferred for renovation, maintenance and scheduled repairs of handling equipment fleet.

As part of a major investment in equipment, the group has taken delivery of roll-trailers with a lifting capacity of 70 tonnes in 2010.

The Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg group of companies which is the part of the transport holding Universal Cargo Logistics Holding BV, includes First Stevedoring Company, Second Stevedoring Company, Third Stevedoring Company and Fourth Stevedoring Company within the greater port of Saint-Petersburg, Multipurpose Reloading Complex in port of Ust-Luga and a number of service companies.