June 20 - Alaska West Express - part of the Lynden group of companies - acquired a Scheuerle trailer last year, which has recently played a key role in an Alaskan pipeline project.

According to Alaska West Express president Scott Hicks, the trailer - which has a payload of 100 tonnes - carries the weight over the axles instead of between them, requiring less steel to support the load and increasing the payload.

Alaska West Express project manager Steve Willford explained that Scheuerle also provides a programme to determine estimated axle weights for permitting.

By inputting load data, the programme calculates the projected load distribution on the axles; this data can then be submitted to the Department of Transport for overweight permits. Willford said that the programme has proven extremely accurate and saves valuable employee time, as well as reducing liability.

"The trailer hydraulic readings and the programme have increased our capability to forecast, and increases our confidence that we are exactly within limits for road and bridge crossings with our loads," added Hicks.

The Scheuerle vehicle's first job involved transporting a survey boat, measuring 83 ft (25.2 m) long by 23 ft (7 m) wide, from Prudhoe Bay to Anchorage.