January 26 - Straightpoint has appointed Sarath Chandran as project engineer, to join a team led by design engineer Roshan Divakaran.

Chandran brings a wealth of experience from the electronics field and has three years of experience in the load cell market, said Straightpoint.

His role will involve prototyping, testing and documenting new product ranges as well as writing user manuals and detailed technical information. He will also share knowledge with the sales departments prior to putting equipment to market through the manufacturer's global distribution network.

"A thorough understanding of electronics will be fundamental to success in my new role as most load cells and related display devices are electronics-based," said Chandran.

"I believe that in the future, Straightpoint will provide a system without a requirement for display devices. Instead, we will implement a fully web-based system that facilitates remote troubleshooting and allows the user to check the system's performance. I am very excited about where we can take force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell technology."

Straightpoint director David Ayling (left) welcomes Sarath Chandran to the team