For generations, children have enjoyed pirate stories - with romantic and thrilling tales of desert islands, gold bullion, walking the plank - leading to the Pirates of the Caribbean film series over the last few years. The reality, however, as experience

Heavy lift shipping lines have not escaped the sights of pirates. Headlines around the world tell of hijackings and piracy off the coast of Somalia, crime off the east coast of Africa and the Malacca straits. The law abiding shipping industry is fighting back and the Nautical Institute is to launch the latest tool in this war with its newest book: Coping with Piracy, written by Steven Jones.

The publication will detail the issues surrounding piracy in order to help seafarers, those ashore and people working in security to cope with the crime. Jones is able to speak with authority on the topic having been attacked by pirates during his seafaring career.

The book will be launched on September 11, 2013 at a ceremony onboard the HMS President, London, UK.

Reaction to the recent political turmoil in Egypt may centre on the impact on democracy but for those in shipping, the ability to use the Suez Canal is to the forefront of concern. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is currently denying press reports that maritime traffic would be suspended and is ensuring full security to ships transiting the canal. Admiral Mohab Mamish, president of the Suez Canal Authority has reiterated that the channel is absolutely protected and enjoys the highest level of security.

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In the corporate world
Damco has posted revenues of USD1.53 billion for the first half of 2013, up 0.6 percent year-on-year, while recording an operating loss of USD2 million during H1 2013; in H1 2012 the company reported a profit of USD35 million.

UK logistics firms are missing tax breaks resulting from R&D spending, say tax authorities. Over the last decade, tax breaks claimed by companies investing in R&D trebled to GBP1.2 billion (USD1.88 billion). However, only 135 claims came from transport, storage and communications sector SMEs totalling GBP5 million (USD7.83 million).

Liebherr Maritime Cranes is reporting good business in Oceania, with the delivery of mobile harbour cranes, ship-to-shore container cranes and straddle carriers to the region.

The Port of Hamburg, Germany has achieved above average growth during the first half of 2013, with cargo throughput at the gateway in H1 2013 reaching 68.1 million tonnes - up by 3.5 percent year-on-year over H1 2012.

Four new lock gates, each weighing 3,100 tonnes, have arrived at the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, a major milestone for the Panama Canal Expansion programme.

Capacity developments
Brazilian rental firm Entec Longhi & Cia has taken delivery of a new Terex AC 500-2 500-tonne capacity all-terrain crane.

Africa's largest crane has been commissioned in the Angolan province of Kwanza Sul at Porto Amboim. The USD50 million crane will be able to lift cargoes weighing up to 2,500 tonnes.

Turkmenistan has launched a USD2 billion project to build a new port on the Caspian Sea. It will be named the International Seaport City of Turkmenbashi.

Crane and rigging company Beyel Brothers has taken delivery of a new Terex AC 250-1 all-terrain crane.

Network news
XLProjects (XLP) has welcomed A.R.T. Logistics to its network, representing Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

Super Cargo Service (SCS) is now a representative office in Vietnam for XLProjects.

Masstrans Freight LLC is a new member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Dubai. Unlimited Express Co Ltd has also joined PCN, representing Myanmar.

Nepa Forwarding has joined the Project Partners network representing the Netherlands.

Xcell Logistics has become the newest member of the Pacific Power Logistics (PPL) network representing Mexico.

People and places
Dr Detlef Trefzger has taken up his position as the new ceo of Kuehne + Nagel International AG.

Carsten Gierga has become managing director of the YCF Group, responsible for the company's activities in Germany, while current general manager, Suwrie Topaz, has been promoted to vice-president, global marketing and business development.
Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) has appointed Sigmund Rismyhr as general manager for Central America, responsible for business development in the region.

All about Evie
Evie is fascinated to learn that California, USA headquartered Aeros, developer of Aeroscraft, an innovate rigid air vehicle capable of transporting heavy cargoes, has seen its prototype aircraft Dragon Dream get the green light from the Pentagon and NASA.

Washington had insisted on tests and demonstrations to determine the readiness of the Aeroscraft, prior to entering the craft into serial production. Dragon Dream is a scaled-down version of the planned Aeroscraft that will be manufactured in the future. Aeros plans to develop 22 full-size Aeroscrafts in two weight bearing configurations, capable of lifting 66 tonnes and 260 tonnes respectively. She knows it will be a practical heavy lift option in the future but she just loves the name.