February 3 - Maximus Air posted a profit increase of 20 percent year-on-year in 2014, which company chairman Homaid Al Shemmari described as an "exceptional year" for the oversized cargo specialists.

"The increase in profit is primarily due to interest from European, African, and Asian markets, with positive forecasts in the global airfreight industry also contributing to sustained confidence among shippers," said Al Shemmari.

Maximus ceo Mohamed Ebrahim Al Qassimi went on to explain that the company expects growth to continue into 2015, with a number of new initiatives set to diversify services from traditional heavy cargo offerings, including the airline's new one-stop-shop service.

"Like before, we will leverage on our global association of freight partners. However, unlike before, our customers will be able to arrange delivery to the airport and forwarding directly through Maximus," added Al Qassimi.

"While our existing customers will remain at the centre of what we hope to achieve in 2015, we will also be looking at ways to consolidate the progress we have made and harness the unique nature of our fleet in order to tap into more specialised markets. The idea is to increase our share of more strategic markets, rather than trying to settle for a smaller slice of a far larger number of markets."