Tschudi Logistics has opened a project transport department in Oslo, Norway.

Stig Rich Pedersen web

Stig Rich Pedersen

The main area of business of the Oslo office is currently the import of alcohol. Tschudi Logistics managing director for Norway, Christian Klemmetsen, believes that now is the time to expand its services.

He said: “Our teams collaborate on various tasks related to all kinds of logistical projects; we especially assist in relation to solving large project transports worldwide. This means that we are in tune with the industry. The plan to expand the service portfolio here in Norway has been long under way, and postponed due to Covid-19, but now the market opportunities seem to be fitting.”

Stig Rich Pedersen will join Tschudi Logistics to head up the project cargo department in Oslo. He said: “I have worked intensively with large projects for the past 16 years. I look forward to developing the business here in Norway, and I am sure that there will be plenty of tasks for us to solve. I believe the setup of collaborating offices across borders and Tschudi sister companies form a strong underlying basis for us to build from.”