June 18 - In a speech given to the Trans Middle East Conference in Qatar, Andrew Kemp, regional director of EMEA for the TT Club, called for operators to do more to minimise the causes of incidents resulting in bodily injury, cargo and property damage at

Analysis of TT Club data has shown that over 80 percent of insurance claims related to cargo handling at ports and terminals are the result of operational shortcomings or poor equipment maintenance.

"It is clear that many of these incidents are avoidable if operators were to pay greater attention to some basic safety related processes and give a higher standard of training to their employees," said Kemp.

The presentation to freight industry professional from across the Middle East region also stressed the economic validity of well-advised insurance cover. Kemp pointed to UK Health and Safety Executive research, which estimated that for every pound sterling spent on insurance, there is between eight and 36 pounds of cost incurred through the consequences of uninsured incidents.

The Club found that only 5 percent of claims over the past seven years were caused by weather or similar natural causes, whilst the vast majority came as a result of much more avoidable causes.

The TT Club therefore urges terminal and cargo handling facility operators to employ effective monitoring and checking procedures, as well as a regular training regime and to maintain industry best practice for safety and security.

"Prevention can be successfully achieved via a combination of safe and physically secure facilites and equipment, rigorous checks and double-checks on safety procedures, combined with well-trained, well-motivated employees and trusted partners." concluded Kemp.