November 23 - UGLYcargo has launched an online marketplace designed to assist shippers in finding an appropriate carrier at competitive prices and support carriers in maximising their load capacity.

UGLYcargo says that its marketplace allows shippers to compare different offers from carriers within the platform, and get to know and connect with new players in the market.

The system is available on all devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, and runs a secure website for registered users only.

UGLYcargo noted that it does not act as a broker, but provides its users with multiple tools for freight companies to place details of the cargo to be shipped, and carriers to search for additional cargo to fill their vessels.

"In the increasingly competitive shipping environment the UGLYcargo application aims to provide an economical and time efficient means of introducing shippers to carriers and specifically for shippers who do not have a full shipment to find and carriers who do not have a full deck load," said UGLYcargo director Michael Warneke.

"Left over pieces of project cargo, breakbulk or general cargo is exactly the type of cargo that would be placed on the application hence the name UGLYcargo."

UGLYcargo director Oliver Charmak explained that once registered, shippers are given a private and secure account to which they can upload all details of their cargo, including weights, dimensions and destinations.

These accounts are managed online and modified through the users' own devices. When the shippers' details are on the website, they can only be viewed by registered carriers, which are then free to make an offer to the anonymous shipper for the transportation of each shipment, Charmak went on.

The shipper is alerted to the carrier's offer and it is only upon acceptance of the carrier's offer that a booking fee is charged to both parties by UGLYcargo. The company confirmed that apart from this fixed booking fee, using the system is free.

Warneke stressed that UGLYcargo is totally independent within the shipping industry and does not have preferred carriers, shippers or give advice as to whom to choose.

"All we are doing is providing an online marketplace where the shipper gives details of their cargo requirements and the registered carrier says: 'Yes, I have room for that cargo on my ship going from point A to B and I can do it at a specified price'."


From left to right: Oliver Charmak and Michael Warneke.