Cargotec ceo Mika Vehviläinen will retire from the role during 2023. He has served as ceo since 2013.


“After 10 years as ceo of the company, I believe this is the right time for a new ceo to lead the financially and operationally strong Cargotec into its next phase of growth. Executing on our refocused strategy remains our top priority, and in the months ahead I will remain fully focused on driving our performance to leverage the full benefits of our strategy,” said Vehviläinen.

Earlier this year, ,Cargotec confirmed that MacGregor will not be a part of its portfolio in the future, but it will not divest the business at the moment.

Cargotec said current uncertainty in the financial market combined with the early stages of MacGregor’s turnaround means it will not initiate a sale process now. Instead, it will focus on improving the profitability of the maritime crane business and continue with a restructuring programme in its offshore business.

Long-term, Cargotec’s focus will be centre on the Hiab and Kalmar brands.