August 16 - The Hamburg-based Buss Port Logistics has successfully completed the near-shore logistics and storage operations for the future Veja Mate offshore windpark. 

Since early March, Buss Port Logistics' offshore team managed the project and was responsible for all handling and shipping of the 67 monopiles - that each weigh up to 1,300 tonnes, from receipt at the factory in Rostock to delivery to the installation vessel at the company's own Orange Blue Terminal (OBT) in the Dutch Port of Eemshaven.

Buss Port Logistics received the steel pipes - each with a length of up to 84.5 m and a diameter of up to 7.8 m directly from the EEW Special Pipe Constructions at the Port of Rostock, and loaded them onto the waiting barge.

"This is the first time we've offered the complete package, including shipping and all transport services. This includes the chartering of the barge and tug, as well as the route and journey planning. For the execution, we worked closely with our partner Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG," explains Martin Schulz, head of offshore logistics.

Buss Port Logistics loaded the monopiles, three at a time, onto and off the barges with the help of 48 Scheuerle SPMT (self propelled modular transporters) axle lines.

With a total weight of 87,100 tonnes, the monopoles were also transported around the EEW facility from the welding and paint shop to the storage area on the Scheuerle SPMTs.

Joachim Kolb, Scheuerle area manager sales and responsible for the wind energy sector, says the vehicles are highly developed but the operators are also a vital part of the equation.

"It's not for nothing that we provide a wide range of training courses for our customers which cover all aspects of our vehicles. Then, only when the vehicle and operating personnel complement each other perfectly is safe and economical transportation guaranteed."