March 31 - ALE has utilised its AL.SK350 crane to lift a 3,000-tonne module whilst executing an FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) integration project in Brazil.

ALE used its 4,000-tonne capacity winch system and positioned the crane at a radius of 86 m to perform the lift, which it claims is the world's heaviest commercial lift using a land-based mobile crane.

In addition to other heavy lifts of 2,073 tonnes and 2,089 tonnes, as part of the four-month project which was completed earlier this year, ALE lifted and installed approximately 40 modules, with a combined weight of more than 36,000 tonnes, onto the P-74 FPSO vessel in the south of Brazil.

ALE's AL.SK350 crane was rigged in its current biggest configuration with a 49 m ballast radius and 4,000-tonne ballast. The main boom is a 130 m long A-frame design on a stable 18 m base. The crane is equipped with a 4,000-tonne main winch system and 600-tonne auxiliary quick winch system. For heavier loads up to 5,000 tonnes, a strand jack lifting system can be installed.

With its 354,000 tonne-metre load moment capacity, ALE claims it is the largest capacity crane in the market by a significant margin.