March 14 - ALE utilised its AK912 crane to successfully complete the Chowdene bridge replacement project in Gateshead, UK.

ALE was contracted to jack and weigh the two original bridge decks, before installing new deck sections at the Chowdene Bank Bridge.

Utilising the 1,200-tonne lifting capacity AK912, the old decks were removed and new cill units were lifted and fitted, prior to the installation of the new deck structure.

"Some of the biggest challenges we faced during the replacement operation were the rigging and derigging phases," said Dan Flavell, ALE's project manager.

"The site area was extremely compact. We worked closely with the client, Amco Rail, to complete a vast amount of civil works, which enabled the AK912 crane to be rigged as and where required. The crane location was situated at the top of a bank, with only access from a sloping, twisting road." 

Flavell stated that the ALE team performed around 20 lifts over the course of three consecutive weekends to complete the civil construction project.