February 19 - ALE has launched its first-ever app on the Android and Apple markets for use on smartphones and tablets.

Users can watch as the animation depicts three different operations being executed: the build-up of one of the world's biggest cranes - the AL.SK190; tailing of a vessel; in addition to the build-up of an FPSO.  
The experience can be enhanced if a bespoke marker is printed from the ALE website here.
Once in use, the user can zoom in and out for details, and move the device around for 360 degree visibility. Users are also able to pause the action and look in detail at each step of the different operations.
The app can be accessed in 'specification mode', where the benefits of the AL.SK190 crane are highlighted. Users can also view the product brochure and ALE show reel.
"We are really excited to launch our first ALE app - this is completely new to the heavy lift industry and shows how we are leading the way in technology and innovation," said ALE animation engineer, Joris Ooms.
 "One of the most interesting things is that it isn't just animation; the user can view all the way around - which not many apps allow. We are delighted with the feedback we have received so far and may look to create more to showcase other equipment from our Innovation Series."