Hamburg-based crane service provider Alex Grund has boosted its fleet with a Tadano ATF 70G-4 all-terrain crane.

The company purchased the crane to replace its ATF 65G-4. The ATF 70G-4 has a 52.1 m-long main boom and is more powerful and flexible than its predecessor, Tadano said.

Martin Peter, Hamburg branch manager at Alex Grund, said: “It’s a real taxi crane and it’s on the road all day from one construction site to the next. This is what we liked about the ATF 65G-4 and the same can be said of the ATF 70G-4. Now we have a second 70 in the group, we can be flexible with distributing the counterweights and so we are prepared for all eventualities.”

The four-axle crane also features Tadano’s dual-engine concept and assistance systems such as the Lift Adjuster for picking up loads with reduced swinging. Tadano said this makes the ATF 70G-4 a “real all-rounder.”