CM Labs Simulations, a provider of simulation-based training in the ports industry, has made changes it has made to two of its key port yard-side simulation training packs.

Components to enhance the realistic machine feel and actions, such as inching pedals and different camera positioning, have been updated to the reach stacker and empty container handler (ECH) training packs.

CM Labs’ product manager for ports, Devon Van de Kletersteeg, said: “The updates of reach stacker and ECH provide pivotal training for yard-side equipment operations, which are critical to the safe and efficient handling of cargo and optimising port productivity.”

Both products feature full compatibility with existing CM Labs hardware, including the port trainer. This supports a process of mimicking everyday equipment handling and exceptional situations so that operators can replicate this in their training.

Along with this, CM Labs has released new simulation training on a double empty container handler, a forklift add-on module, plus a new immersive walk-around inspection feature for the reach stacker.