September 18 - USA based Crane Service has invested in its first Liebherr crawler crane - a 300-tonne capacity LR 1300 SX model, which will mainly be used for lifting jobs in the wind energy industry.

"The LR 1300 SX is a highly versatile crawler crane," said Crane Service business development manager Bob Warianka. "Furthermore, it offers a better capacity compared to other crawler cranes in the same tonnage class."

The Liebherr crane is equipped with pendant links made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), which aim to increase the crane's load charts.

"The CFRP pendant links further increase the lifting capacity of the crane, thus providing an even better lifting solution especially for operating in wind parks," added Warianka.

The crane is able to self-erect 86 m of main boom and a 7 m heavy duty wind jib, and can lift a maximum of 75 tonnes at a radius of 15 m in this configuration. The combined length of main boom and luffing jib can be as much as 169 m, comprising of 56 m of main boom and 113 m of luffing jib, said Liebherr.

The crane's first jobsite is a wind farm in Nolan, Texas, where it will be used to lift and install the 69-tonne rotors of five 80 m tall wind turbines.