USA-based Crosby Group has added three rigging and lifting training sessions to its webinar series scheduled this month.

On September 8, Crosby will host a webinar that focuses on lifting products in harsh environments. “When operating lifting equipment in harsh environments there are three main challenges that the lifting products have to be resistant against: brittleness, fatigue, and corrosion,” said Crosby.

“All three factors affect the steel and the interaction amongst them affects the service life of the product and can cause issues such as hydrogen embrittlement.”

The webinar will discuss how both the manufacturer and the operator of lifting equipment can reduce the risks involved in those environments.

On September 10, Crosby will discuss how to properly select, install and inspect wire rope clips.

The third addition to the webinar series line up will take place on September 17 and looks at risk management and assessment in the rigging industry. The webinar will focus on the important role training serves in risk management and will consider the questions to ask when putting together a rigging plan.

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