USA-based transport and logistics provider Crowley has invested in logistics technology start-up Repowr.


Image source: Crowley

Repowr has developed an asset-sharing platform that connects logistics companies with data and analytics to increase asset utilisation rates. The platform and its Universal Trailer Network enables companies to share logistics equipment, increasing performance while reducing the environmental impact of ownership.

Through the partnership, Crowley will enable Repowr to accelerate the diversification and expansion of its asset-sharing model. It also enables Crowley to explore new network opportunities by leveraging Repowr’s platform and expertise.

“We are excited to partner with Repowr to integrate our asset network with others on the platform to create sustainable solutions for our customers,” said Tom Crowley, company chairman and ceo. “Our investment in Repowr advances Crowley’s commitment to sustainability and further solidifies innovation as part of our strategic growth. This collaboration is a significant step towards the future of sustainable and efficient logistics.”

The two companies recently completed a successful pilot where Crowley used the Repowr platform to rebalance chassis pools across its network, generating revenue and strengthening relationships with existing carrier partners.

“As a young company, we are thrilled to partner with a company that has led our industry with such impressive class and innovation for well over a century,” said Patrick Visintainer, ceo of Repowr. “Our early success with Crowley is a wonderful springboard to further network optimisation, and we look forward to helping them and other companies with whom they network with on the Repowr platform to realise maximum asset utilisation.”