Tadano Demag has added the Demag AC 80-4 all-terrain crane to its product portfolio.

Demag AC 80-4

The crane joins the manufacturer’s line up in the ‘up to 100 tonnes’ lifting capacity class. It has a 60 m-long main boom that can be lengthened using a 6.5 m-long extension. The AC 80‑4 can lift 5.4 tonnes at a radius of 14 m, and 9.7 tonnes at a radius of 10 m.

With a total length of 12.15 m and a width of 2.55 m, the AC 80-4 is better suited for tight jobsites than any other crane in its class, according to Michael Klein, product marketing manager.

A sophisticated counterweight design also makes it possible to have a maximum counterweight of 17.7 tonnes. On the road, it can transport up to 9.3 tonnes of this counterweight itself while remaining under a 12 tonnes-axle load limit.

“With this equipment, the AC 80-4 can take care of a broad range of lifts by itself in many European countries without requiring the use of expensive escort vehicles,” Klein explained.

The AC 80-4 features the patented Demag Surround View system, which uses four cameras to show a computer-assisted diagram of the possible outreach of the outriggers, as well as the counterweight tailswing radius at the crane’s current location.

“Demag Surround View displays in the carrier cabin the different outrigger widths so the crane operator can position the crane on the construction site in order to extend all outriggers sufficiently far and ensure the required slewing radius. This reduces time-consuming measuring and trial and error when looking for a location, so that the crane can be ready for operation more quickly,” said Klein.