June 27 - Demag has launched the six-axle AC 300-6 all terrain crane, which boasts a 300-tonne lift capacity and features an 80 m main boom.

According to Terex, the AC 300-6 is the first crane of its size in the Demag range equipped with a luffing jib, and combines a long reach with a strong load chart to assist operators for work at height or on reach.

The 80 m main boom can perform jobs at heights up to 78 m or 74 m radius without rigging a jib, and has a lifting capacity of 15 tonnes on a fully telescoped main boom.

With a carrier length of 15.3 m and a width of 3m, the Demag AC 300-6 is the smallest in the Demag range that can be outfitted with a luffing jib for extended reach and fly-over capabilities, bringing the maximum system length to 118 m.

On the road, the Demag AC 300-6 crane meets axle load limits from below 12 tonnes up to 16 tonnes and can travel up to 85 km/h (53 mph). It includes an axle load monitor, displayed on the dashboard, to help customers drive within the legal road weight and. Like all Demag cranes in this product family, Terex states that it can be configured to comply with the variable axle weight limits in most states of North America and other countries by connecting different types of boom dollies, or by removing the boom.

The AC 300-6 uses a high number of interchangeable parts with the Demag five-axle all terrain cranes, meaning users are able to maintain a lower stock of spare parts. The 21 m double folding main boom extension of the five-axle Demag cranes is compatible with the AC 300-6.

The crane also features the latest Demag innovations, including the IC-1 Plus control system and a single engine concept with an intelligent motor management system, says Terex.