Europe Automotive Holding (EAH) used a four-axle Eco1000 self-propelled vehicle from Cometto to move a 120-tonne press.

Eco1000 4_4_EAH_CZ_15601 (3)

The press needed to move around the factory hall. Cometto product manager Alessandro Giordano said: “The winding hall system in particular is quite a challenge. And the aisles are narrow, which is why a good eye and a steady hand are needed when steering the Eco1000.”

After collecting the load, the Eco1000 manoeuvred through the hall to the exit. Giordano added that the vehicle’s compact design was particularly useful for this application. “This is also helped by the electronic steering with a steering angle of + 135°/-135°, which allows even tricky passages to be mastered. It was driving diagonally right from the start.”