Enerpac has enhanced its ETR-Series trolley system with higher capacity trolleys and swivel plates, to accommodate header beams and other lifting systems.

Photo 1 - Enerpac ETR Trolley under test

Available with 50-tonne or 100-tonne capacity trolleys, the electrically driven system can be configured to carry loads up to 800 tonnes horizontally in a continuous smooth movement, according to Enerpac.

Pete Crisci, product line director at Enerpac, said: “Compared with traditional methods of heavy lift transport, such as skidding systems, the Enerpac ETR trolley system has significant operational advantages.

“Loads move smoothly in a continuous movement both forwards and backwards along the low-profile track increasing the options for industrial movers and manufacturers building large complex structures.”

Additional features and benefits include high side load resistance, and high capacity per mechanically locked, trolley point. The Enerpac ETR is readily expandable and easy to transport and set up.