December 3 - Enerpac has developed a new range of below-the-hook lifting cylinders that enable heavy loads to be manoeuvred with greater precision using a single crane - the SHAS-Series Autonomous SyncHoist.

In many circumstances, the positioning of heavy loads along horizontal and vertical planes is carried out using multiple cranes.
Enerpac's new SyncHoist system comprises four double-acting push-pull cylinders connected to lifting points above the load by cables, or under an optional auxiliary frame. The lifting cylinders are available with 110 and 225-tonne lifting capacities each, plunger strokes of 1 m and 1.5 m, with a lifting accuracy of +/- 1 mm over the full stroke.
One operator can oversee a job using a wireless control unit that controls each cylinder independently. This enables a load to be lifted and lowered in a synchronised manner, or tilted and balanced depending on the load's centre of gravity.
The use of just one crane to move a load that usually requires multiple cranes has obvious cost advantages. Furthermore, this enables lifting operations to be completed in tight spaces, due to a reduced footprint.
"The Autonomous SyncHoist System is the latest in a growing range of SyncHoist systems developed by Enerpac to provide accurate, safe and cost-effective positioning of heavy and unbalanced loads, without the need for multiple cranes," explained Jesus Gonzalez, Enerpac.