USA-based FAD Equipment Store now stocks Crosby’s range of BlokCam camera and alert systems for tower and mobile cranes.

BlokCorp, creator of BlokCam, was acquired by Crosby Group earlier this year, as HLPFI reported here

The product range is now branded Crosby BlockCam. The systems provide operators with critical visual and audio capabilities, direct from the crane hook to the cab, enabling safer and more productive lifting operations.

The products, principally for tower and mobile cranes, were also recently joined by BlokAlert, an audio and visual warning system to alert crane operators when workers are in harm’s way.

The M3, meanwhile, was the first fully modular camera for telescopic and mobile cranes, mainly because it can be installed in just five minutes. Many of the standout features of the X2 are carried over, while an all-in-one display combines the monitor, repeater and processor in a purpose-built, fast-fit system. David Ayling, president at FAD Equipment Store, said: “Many regulating authorities are already looking at mandating crane camera systems and this is cultural change we want to be part of.

“Given the inherent benefits of camera systems and the ease with which they can be installed, we anticipate their wider utilization, even in the special transport sector – another industry where our products, such as tie-downs, are widely applied,” he added.

The X2 model is a fully modular system compatible with tower cranes. It uses high-powered neodymium magnets and boasts a raft of features, including an auto-focus lens that always gives clear views of the load and surrounding area beneath the hook.

The M3 system, for telescopic and mobile cranes, carries over many of the X2’s features; an all-in-one display combines the monitor, repeater and processor in a purpose-built system that can be installed in five minutes.