Trailer manufacturer Faymonville has launched the nine-axle double-drop StreetMAX trailer for the North American market.

New for North America - the 9-axle StreetMAX (1)

Source: Faymonville

The StreetMAX product enables the transport of high and heavy loads, offering an increased payload and manoeuvrability, said Faymonville. The double-drop configuration helps in states with strict axle load and height limits, and when the planned route is particularly winding. 

The manufacturer explained that the hydraulically liftable and detachable gooseneck enables height adjustment. It is king-pin steered, with a steering angle up to 60 degrees, and – depending on the load – the operator benefits from the interchangeability between a flatdeck, perimeter deck and spine deck.

With the possibility to add a three-axle jeep dolly under the gooseneck, the front part of the trailer is able to support at least 100,000 lbs (45.4 tonnes). At the rear, a three-axle bogie can be coupled with a three-axle booster so that the payload and the manoeuvrability increase due to those extra turning points.

If additional payload capacities are needed, Faymonville explained that a one-axle steerable ‘joker axle’ can be added between the lowbed and the rear bogie.