Trailer manufacturer Goldhofer, in cooperation with Germany-based Energieanlagen Ramonat, has developed a portfolio of solutions for transporting cable drums ranging in weight and size, with integrated unreeling equipment.


Image source: Goldhofer

Goldhofer said that unreeling and pulling in cables can rarely be performed as part of the actual transport of the drums using existing solutions, leading to significantly higher costs for transportation and the unreeling equipment plus the relevant permits.

Therefore, Robert Steinhauser, vice president sales and service transport technology at Goldhofer, explained: “We have collaborated with Ramonat, who have so much experience of the market, to develop a system that not only consistently meets the needs of our customers with regard to transportation but also takes into account the special challenges of the unreeling process.”

As part of Goldhofer’s solution, the cable drums are transported on a special vessel deck in a heavy-duty (4+6) or (5+7) module combination.

Easily mounted hydraulic support legs allow the bridge to be raised to a loading height under full load so that the module combination can be moved under it. This significantly reduces the overall length for increased manoeuvrability on all types of construction sites, especially in combination with self-propelled modules.

In addition, the system includes integrated unreeling equipment with synchronised drive for jerk-free operation at the destination.

The Goldhofer cable drum bridges, according to Stefan Ramonat, managing director of Energieanlagen Ramonat, “are lighter and shorter than previous comparable solutions, offer easy handling, high manoeuvrability, and cable unreeling – all in one.


Image source: Goldhofer

“The cross-section of the bridge has been optimized to allow the cable drum to hug the ground for the lowest possible overall traveling height, corresponding to flange diameter. 100-tonne drums can be transported on a (4+6) combination without exceeding the maximum axle load of 12 tonnes.”

Steinhauser added that the solution is compatible with existing systems and “with the help of an adapter, our unwinder can be retrofitted to Goldhofer vessel bridges in the customer’s fleet for a significant reduction in capital layout.

“In developing this portfolio, we have attached great importance from the outset to ensuring that the right solution is always available to customers, whatever the size of the fleet and the number of cable drums to be transported,” added Steinhauser.

“This enables our customers to contribute to grid expansion programmes with unprecedented efficiency and cost-effectiveness and thus make a decisive contribution to the success of the energy transition.”