March 11 - ALE has assembled and erected the highest Goliath gantry crane in Brazil.

ALE erected the 3,200 tonne gantry crane, which involved upending the fixed leg, upending the hinged leg and lifting the main girder, at the Estaleiro Enseada do Paraguaçu shipyard near Salvador de Bahia.

Having installed the strut construction and prepared the equipment, ALE used four 500-tonne capacity strandjacks and four 900-tonne capacity strandjacks for the upending and installation of the fixed leg.

The second phase of the project involved the upending of the hinged leg, which required the use of five 500-tonne capacity strandjacks and two 900-tonne capacity strandjacks.

Finally, the main girder was lifted by 16 m using six 900-tonne capacity strandjacks and two crawler cranes with 160 m main booms. SPMTs were then used to position the lower trolley, so that the main girder could be lowered and the trolley installed.

When all works were completed, ALE was given approval to lift the main girder into its final position. In an operation that took three days, the main girder was lifted to a final height of 134 m above the ground.