Industrial Training International (ITI) and Liebherr-Werk Nenzing have collaborated to add Liebherr’s LR 1300 crawler crane to the ITI VR Crane Simulations library.

In order to add the crane type to ITI’s virtual reality (VR) solutions, Liebherr’s control levers have been incorporated into ITI’s existing desktop and motion-base stations. 

The configuration options for the crane include: 62 m main boom; 62 m main boom plus 8 m fixed jib; 50 m main boom plus 62 m luffing jib; and simulated NCCCO exam with a 38 m main boom. 

ITI said: “Making the LR1300 available via VR simulation fills a critical need in terms of additional seat time specifically for the purpose of training, assessing and qualifying operators on this piece of equipment. Cranes as large and versatile as the LR1300 are a rarity, making the opportunity cost of using the machine for practice and/or training time versus the crane being in production an equation that rarely pencils out.”