July 27 - France-based crane operator Jagulak Levage has taken delivery of a Demag AC 250-5 all terrain crane.

Jagulak purchased the 250-tonne crane with a 21 m double folding jib, which attaches to the 70 m main boom for a total system length of 91 m.

"Thanks to the crane's capacity and to its IC-1 Plus control system, Jagulak can get into tight work areas but can also cover the construction sites that might need a crane with a higher capacity," said Jean-Christophe Accio, sales manager in France for Terex Cranes.

From left to right: Jean-Christophe Accio, sales manager, Terex Cranes; François Legent, crane operator, Jagulak Levage; Jacques Jespère, after-sales service technician, Terex Cranes.