Oberhausen, Germany-based crane rental company Jaromin has expanded its fleet with a 55-tonne capacity Tadano AC 3.055-1 all-terrain crane and two 80-tonne capacity Tadano AC 4.080-1 cranes.

Jaromin Tadano AC 4.080-1

Image source: Tadano; From left to right: Lars Jaromin, managing director, Jaromin; Georg Giesen, crane operator, Jaromin; Klaus Weiland, dispatch office, Jaromin; Dirk Schenkel, crane operator, Jaromin; Dimitrij Hartwig, crane operator, Jaromin; Helge Prüfer, sales manager, Tadano; Markus Rühr, dispatch office, Jaromin; Olaf Jaromin, managing director, Jaromin

Lars Jaromin, managing director of Jaromin, said he plans to use the AC 3.055-1 as a “taxi crane in industrial buildings, concrete construction projects, and even when setting pools in place”.