July 31 - Jumbo's heavy lift vessel Jumbo Jubilee delivered and discharged an 876-tonne vertical lay system (VLS) from Gdynia, Poland to La Rochelle in France.

The VLS is a subsea laying system used in the oil and gas industry, and Jumbo completed this project on behalf of handling system manufacturer REEL S.A.S. The VLS measured 32 m x 16 m x 44 m. The final assembly of the system will be completed in La Rochelle, where it will be installed on the subsea installation vessel, Normand Maximus.


The 876-tonne VLS was discharged from Jumbo Jubilee at a 20 m outreach, and Nicolas Bourgois, Reel S.A.S., commented: "We had good cooperation between the vessel crew and the shore teams. Everything ran smooth and the vessel departure will be on time.