Kässbohrer launched four trailers during a digital event, which are designed for use in the construction sector: the K.TAN P 1+2, K.SPA MR 3, K.SLA R 4, and K.SLH 4.


The K.TAN P 1+2, part of the K.TAN series, offers multi-functional and flexible transportation capabilities with lashing rings with 8 or 10 tons (7.3 or 9.1 tonnes) of capacity. Kässbohrer said the series is specifically engineered for trailer needs of customers active in the forestry and construction sectors.

For the transportation of larger loads, the K.SPA MR 3 three-axle extendable lowbed semi-trailer is the best fit, according to Kässbohrer.

The K.SPA MR 3 features a robust chassis an a low tare weight on 10 tonnes, which enables higher payloads wile realising fuel-saving on unloaded journeys.

The extendable, four-axle K.SLA R 4 is suited for the transport of construction equipment, farming and forestry machinery. It has a tare weight of 13.25 tonnes and is available with wheel recesses as standard. It can be offered with lashing rings of 5-10 tonnes capacity, 3 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets, and pillar pockets on side raves, for added flexibility.

For its customers requiring higher manoeuvrability on narrow curves, Kässbohrer developed the K.SLH 4. The trailer is geared towards heavy and ballast loads, and features a flat chassis with a low platform height of 0.88 m.