Crane manufacturer Liebherr has introduced new features to its Crane Finder application, which allows users to the source right crane and the optimum configuration for a specific load case. It is now also available as an app for smartphones and tablets.

Liebherr boosts Crane Finder functionality

Source: Liebherr

Liebherr said that it has completely revised the underlying Crane Finder data. Users will benefit from access to the latest planning data, all operating modes, more information, and significantly more crane types when searching. 

It also boasts more functionality and information, such as details on ballast radius, support, main boom angle, accessory angle and central ballast. Information can be displayed in large tiles or in a compact list view.

Another new feature is the ‘optimise configuration’ button. As before, Crane Finder searches for the smallest possible crane for the selected load case – always with the maximum load capacity, i.e. with full ballast. In many cases, however, the crane could do the job with less ballast. The new feature shows the minimum amount of ballast required to fulfil the current load requirement. In most cases, the amount of ballast can be reduced, extra weight that the customer does not need to transport to the construction site, said Liebherr. 

The app is now available to download free of charge for iOS and Android devices in the respective stores.