Three German crane rental specialists – Sönke Jordt, Schwarze and Megalift – have taken delivery mobile cranes from Liebherr.

Handing over two 70-tonne capacity, four axle LTM 1070-4.2 machines and a 50-tonne capacity LTC 1050-3.1 crane at its production plant in Ehingen, Liebherr said the joint collection of the units provided an opportunity for its clients to exchange information.

Bernd Preusse, the owner of Bremen-based Megalift, commented: “Of course healthy competition is important, but we have lots of joint interests in our industry. That makes it important to speak with one voice.”

Nina Schwarze, managing director of crane contractor Schwarze, added: “Good partnerships between crane hire companies are important and make life easier for the company proprietors and their dispatchers.

“We can only benefit from the experience of our colleagues. We spent the evening together in Ehingen, discussing all sorts of topics from the demand for operators and licensing problems to compliance with working hours.”