Liebherr has developed a 31 m-long boom with rope extension technology for its LTC 1050-3.1 compact crane.

The development is an alternative option to the LTC 1050-3.1’s existing 36 m telescopic boom with the Telematik fast cycle telescoping system.

The Telematik system is a single-cylinder system, which can deliver high lifting capacities with long booms and large radii.

According to Liebherr, the rope extension mechanism will provide benefits to customers who predominantly use the Liebherr compact crane inside buildings and mostly do not require the 36 m-long boom.

The 31 m boom consists of a pivot section and four telescoping sections – one less than the Telematik boom. The sections are extended and retracted using a dual action two-stage hydraulic cylinder. The new boom also delivers high telescoping lifting capacities.

“The telescoping process is faster and many operators of mobile cranes in the lifting capacity class up to 50 tonnes are familiar with rope pull technology,” said Liebherr.

The first machines with the rope extension technology will be delivered in the second half of 2021.