March 11 - Liebherr Maritime Cranes has launched its new 308-tonne capacity LHM 800 mobile harbour crane.

"The LHM 800 is a breakthrough for the mobile harbour crane sector, outperforming the existing maximum lifting capacity by nearly 50 percent. Also in terms of container and bulk handing, the LHM 800 is the new benchmark," said Matthias Mungenast, sales director for Liebherr's mobile harbour cranes.

The new mobile harbour crane, with its 380-tonne lifting capacity, exceeds the maximum capacity of the Liebherr's previous strongest mobile harbour crane, the LHM 600, by over 100 tonnes.

In addition to single lifts, the new LHM 800 is also designed for tandem lifts, and Liebherr's tandem operation tool - Sycratronic - can be activated so that one crane driver can simultaneously operate two cranes in tandem.

The new LHM model relies on Liebherr's x-shaped undercarriage, which the manufacturer says assists stability and operational safety. The wheelsets have been slightly adapted to ensure the optimal load distribution of the new crane, which weighs approximately 745 tonnes.